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NixOS System Flake

This repository contains system configuration data for my NixOS-managed machines. Each host gets its own folder under hosts/ for per-machine configuration (e.g services and secrets).

Hosts can also make use of modules/, common configurations that each do a thing. For example, modules/sys/efi-boot.nix will configure the system to use systemd-boot with UEFI.

hosts/ Overview


Thinkpad T430 daily driver. 8GB RAM w/ Core i5-3320M. Has an extra 2TB SSD for music and temporary storage of camera RAW files.


Thinkpad X220t for notes. 8GB RAM, not that powerful.


Desktop PC, Ryzen 5 5600g with 32G RAM. Dual-booted with Windows and NixOS


Static site host, VPS. 1G RAM, enough for nginx


Beast of a server: 112G RAM and 32 cores of Xeon CPU E5-4650 0 @ 2.70GHz