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Status Update - Fall Semester 2021-12-17 [status]


Hello all! Welcome back to another status update! I realized recently that I haven't been all that good about making monthly status updates, so I think for at least the rest of this academic year I'll be making termly status updates, so one every 7 weeks. Hopefully this will lead to longer status updates with more content.

Now, on to the Fall Semester status update!

Status update

As I write this, it's a day after my last final exams, and I'm sitting in the campus library on my service desk shift. Much of my open source contributions this semester have been to the LNLDB, which handles events, membership, and a whole bunch of other stuff for WPI Lens and Lights. That's a Django codebase, and I've contributed a few features:

  • Pronoun Support
    • Allowed members to provide their personal pronouns on their profile pages
  • Email resources for new Crew Chiefs
    • When a member is assigned as a Crew Chief for the first time, send some extra resources in the email

I also have some pull requests pending review:

  • Position postings
    • Lets executive board members post leadership roles to the active members
  • Cropping Officer photos
    • Officer photos are currently inconsistently cropped, this lets them resize as needed

With the transition to college, among other things, I haven't had the time to do much else. I started to work on adding a tag for GPG-signed commits to, but that hasn't gone anywhere.

Speaking of

New code location

I've deployed a production sourcehut instance to a new server, available at I'm waiting on WPI ITS to unblock that domain, but it shouldn't be too long. I've already thrown things up there, and that's where I'll put personal projects.

That's all for this semester! Happy holidays, and see you in the new year :)